Whether he’s leading the Chiefs to a victory or scoring partnership deals, two-time NFL MVP Quarterback and Airshare Shareowner Patrick Mahomes needs to maximize every moment of his busy schedule. With his sights currently set on playoffs, he will soon be focused on maximizing every day during the offseason. The convenience and efficiency of private aviation have proven to be a game-changer for the two-time World Champion.

With his demanding schedule, commercial air travel is too time-consuming and unpredictable when time off is limited. Delays, layovers, and crowded terminals hinder his ability to accomplish his off-season objectives and get the most out of every day. This is where Airshare steps in.

Mahomes utilizes private aviation to tackle his busy schedule, including training, business meetings, partnership commitments, charity work, and, most importantly, family time. For these reasons, Mahomes’ schedule demands precision and adaptability. Airshare allows him to swiftly transition between all his obligations efficiently so he can get home to what matters most.

In the competitive world of professional football, every detail can influence performance, which is why the reigning World Champion relies on private aviation as a pivotal tool. The additional time he gains by flying private plays an instrumental role in his goals and, consequently, helps him better prepare for the next season. Here are a few key reasons why flying with Airshare gives Mahomes a competitive advantage.


The most flexible way you can fly

Airshare’s unique fractional jet ownership model provides unlimited flight hours in a day (up to a maximum 14-hour crew duty day). This allows Mahomes to fly to multiple destinations in one day. And because Airshare’s plane and crew stay with their customers throughout the day when needed, he can control every part of his travel day.

Fly to multiple destinations for business meetings? No problem. Stay connected while hammering out details of a new deal in flight? Easy. Get back home to his family in time for dinner? Done. More flight hours in a day means more deals done, all with the flexibility to do it your way.


Airshare is at the ready

Airshare’s Owner Services team is standing by 24/7 to arrange every detail of travel. With a flexible travel itinerary, Mahomes can optimize his time and always be present where his attention is most needed. Unlike our competitors, our plane and crew stay with you for the day when you need them. This means if a meeting ends early, the aircraft is ready. The Airshare team is prepared to handle it all.


Absolute privacy

Private aviation provides a conducive environment for focused work and relaxation. For Mahomes, the private cabin allows him to study game footage, openly discuss business opportunities, and even engage in recovery routines, all in a private and distraction-free setting. Travel with Airshare is, and always will be, truly private. That means no ridesharing. No waiting in airport terminals. Just a premium experience that is both discreet and flexible.


Remain at the top of your game

You may not be in the business of professional football, but you want your company to win it all, too. Win more clients, more revenue, and more talent who will ensure you succeed. In a different kind of game where productivity, flexibility, and time optimization are also incredibly valuable, Airshare can help you get closer to your goal line.

No matter your business, the flexibility and privacy Airshare has provided to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will be the exact same provided to you. So, you can expect to be able to fly at a moment’s notice, in premium comfort, and entirely on your terms. All while getting the most out of every single day you fly.

Airshare is proud to be the Official Private Aviation Partner of the Kansas City Chiefs. Through their partnership, they support the Chiefs and Mahomes’ efforts in building championship teams on and off the field. And they’re ready to help you win in your field.

See how Airshare can customize a plan for the specific travel needs of your business. Visit flyairshare.com/wefit.

Let’s plan your approach

Answer a few quick questions about how you fly, and we’ll tailor a plan perfect for you.

Let’s plan your approach

Answer a few quick questions about how you fly, and we’ll tailor a plan perfect for you.