The most cost-effective programs in private aviation.

There’s simply no other private aviation company which features programs offering more runway in terms of value, choices and services for your private travels. Whether you travel frequently for business or have more limited availability to fly from coast to coast, there’s more than one way to enhance your productivity and convenience when flying with Airshare.

  • Our unique days-based ownership delivers more cost savings and efficiency.
  • Dedicated in-flight service experts offer the highest personalized care in the air.
  • Our versatile fleet of private aircraft takes safety, comfort and style to new heights.


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Fractional Ownership

The only days-based ownership program
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How does a day-based program work?

As the only day-based fractional aircraft provider, Airshare gives you the flexibility to use the whole day to your advantage. The aircraft and crew are dedicated to you for the day. You’ll enjoy full access to your aircraft when you need it. But you won’t pay for when you’re not using it.

Going on a single-day business trip? That counts as one day under our economical Occupied Rate. Going on a trip for a week? You utilize two days under the One-Way Rate – the first day to the destination and the second on the return trip. You won’t be charged for the rest of the days you’re at your destination. Plans begin with 1/16th ownership of an aircraft. That equates to 20 occupied days a year, or 20 single-day business trips with no hour limitations (Except those imposed by FAA regulations).

What types of shares are available?

Airshare programs begin with 1/16 interests in the Phenom 300, Phenom 100, and Learjet 45XR. That equates to 20 occupied days a year. Fractional ownership plans increase in 10-day increments to meet your specific needs.

How much does a fractional program cost?

Costs vary due to our wide range of fractional aircraft ownership options. Three elements factor into the pricing: the capital, the monthly shared expenses and the variable hourly rate. Contact our sales team for specific pricing for each aircraft.

What is covered under monthly expenses?

Our premium fractional ownership plans feature low monthly costs to shareowners. The overhead cost of owning an airplane is shared amongst owners. These fixed costs include hangar rent, pilot salaries, training cost, insurance and other expenses. Call for more details and pricing.

What is the variable hourly rate? What expenses are included in the hourly cost?

The variable hourly rate is the amount you pay per hour for operating the aircraft. The variable rate covers maintenance for the aircraft and engines, fuel, cleaning, and light snacks and refreshments. The variable rate is adjusted monthly based on the U.S. average Jet A fuel cost as listed in Business and Commercial Aviation.

We offer two low hourly rates, both of which have no fuel surcharge. The first, the Occupied Rate, is for travelers where the crew and aircraft stays with you, waiting on your business to be completed at the destination before taking you home. The other is a One-Way Rate where our pilots drop you off at your business or leisure destination. Click here for current variable hourly rates.

Do I really own part of an aircraft?

Yes, you own an undivided interest in the aircraft therefore you retain the attractive tax benefits available, including a 100-percent bonus depreciation (contact your tax counsel for details). By offering new fleets and having significantly less relocation than other programs, your aircraft incurs fewer hours of operation. The residual value for your share at the end of the 5-year term will be higher than those in other programs.

Why is Airshare better than charter?

Many charter aircraft tend to be older because of the holding costs associated with the ownership of the airplane. Airshare customers realize the benefit of owning new or nearly-new aircraft, which are more efficient and reliable. Charter planes are oftentimes greater than 20 years old.

How can I tell if Airshare can save me time and money?

We can analyze your current travel requirements and customize our fractional ownership program to efficiently meet your business needs. Own one, fly a fleet. That means as a shareowner of one aircraft, you have access to either the Phenom 300 or Phenom 100, so you can always use the right aircraft for the mission. Please contact us today at 866.946.4900 and we will construct a personalized travel analysis.

May I take a demonstration flight?

Yes. Please call us today at 866.946.4900 and we will arrange for you to experience getting the most out of your day.
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* Rates shown are estimates only based on certain assumptions of Airshare. Rates do not include the acquisition or capital cost of the aircraft. Many factors affect the costs involved in operating business aircraft. The cost estimator is not intended as a budgeting tool and should not be relied upon as a prediction for the costs actually incurred. Airshare makes no representation or warranty to this effect and is not responsible for inaccurate prices. Rates shown do not consist of an offer by nor create any agreement of Airshare.

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