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No matter which company you may be flying with right now, you’ll have a better experience flying with Airshare. How can we be so sure? It’s simple – no other private aviation company offers the efficiency and personalization you will find here. So, if you’re ready to get more for your money, and a program tailored to your exact needs, it’s time to come aboard.

Better solutions. Better partner.

Our programs are very different. Because unlike those of our competitors, they are built entirely around you.

Fractional Ownership

You deserve to get more places more quickly and then get back home to the people that matter most. That’s why we offer unlimited flight hours* in a day. Which means your 1/16th share with us could give you double the number of hours you get with your current program.


You should never have to shell out a bunch of cash before you even take off. So, unlike competitive jet cards, we let you pay as you fly. Simply pay the program fee upfront, then you’ll be billed as you use your 10 travel days with unlimited flight hours*.

Aircraft Management

Does your current partner offer a built-in customer base with the frequent need to charter larger aircraft or supplemental lift? Do they have an in-house maintenance department that’s an FAA Part 145 repair station? Do they give you access to their own private fleet when you need supplemental lift or your aircraft is down for maintenance? When it comes to maintaining the value of your investment and meeting your day-to-day needs, no one is better than Airshare.

Charter Services

The highest safety standards in the industry. Access to a wide range of aircraft so you always have the perfect plane. A service team dedicated to meeting your every need. Chartering with Airshare just feels more comfortable.

*Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day.

Get more for your money.

More hours. More simplicity. More ways you will discover Airshare is just better.

25% Savings

Fractional and EMBARK Jet Card Customers have the opportunity to save 25% off the hourly rate for flights that originate from and return to the same place on the same day or the next day.

Clear-cut pricing

Unlike our competitors, what you see is what you get. No peak day surcharges, no hidden fees, no nonsense. No further explanation needed.

More hours in a day

Our days-based model provides fractional owners and EMBARK Jet Card members with unlimited flight hours* in a day. Fly to as many places as needed without worrying about burning through banked hours.

An unwavering commitment to service

From reserving your aircraft to arranging your catering, our Owner Services team works 24/7 for you. That’s why, in an age of dissatisfaction with air travel, we’ve earned an exceptional Net Promoter Score of 74.

The absolute highest safety standards

We have earned Stage 3 IS-BAO certification and the ARGUS Platinum Rating. These are the highest ratings possible from the two most internationally-recognized third-party safety organizations. We are also an FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

A truly private

We are solely focused on delivering a premium, private experience every day. So we will never consider adding ride-sharing programs or selling individual seats. For our customers, private always means private. Fly only with those you choose to fly with, including your pets – they’re always welcome.

We own our own fleet

While our competitors rely on third-party charter flights within their fractional programs or memberships, we own and maintain our own fleet. So, you can be sure of your comfort, safety and connectivity whenever you fly.

Your plane, your plan

Unlike our competitors, our plane and crew stay with you for the day when you need them. If your meeting ends early, your aircraft is ready. You’re in complete control.

How does my current program rate compare?

We help our customers accomplish more.

Every single hour matters. There’s no way I’d be able to do all these different things and enjoy all my personal time without being an Airshare owner.”


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Let’s plan your approach

Answer a few quick questions about how you fly, and we’ll tailor a plan perfect for you.

Let’s plan your approach

Answer a few quick questions about how you fly, and we’ll tailor a plan perfect for you.