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Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is a common term utilized by many industries. This article explains what an MRO is, how it is used in the aviation industry, and the advantages of using Airshare as your MRO provider. 

What is maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and what role does it play in private aviation? 

An MRO is an aircraft maintenance facility capable of performing required maintenance/inspection. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all aircraft to have maintenance/inspection, repair and overhaul performed by a certified entity. An MRO is one of the certified entities that qualify to perform maintenance, repair and overhaul on an aircraft, engine, or accessory. Most MROs function as FAA Certified Repair Stations and are certified to perform specific maintenance in accordance with their Operation Specifications. In addition, some MROs operate using only each mechanics’ A&P license as the FAA-certified entity for general maintenance.

What are the differences between maintenance, repair and overhaul? 

Maintenance: This includes inspections, routine maintenance items on the aircraft and repair of discrepancies on the aircraft.

Repair: Normally associated with returning an accessory/component or aircraft to serviceable condition. 

Overhaul: Repairing or replacing parts on an aircraft accessory/component, engine, or an item on an aircraft back to OEM standards. The manufacturer and FAA may require an overhaul of these items, depending on the FAA rule the aircraft is operating. 

How is MRO different from general aircraft maintenance? 

In some cases, it is the same; however, most are referring to a Certificate Repair Station (CRS) when using the term MRO. The difference between an MRO using an A&P certificate to return to service and an MRO that is a CRS is in the FAA’s oversight and control of the operation. A CRS has a stricter set of rules found in FAR Part 145. This includes areas of training, inspection, quality assurance, tools and equipment, and record-keeping. 

What are considered MRO service items in aviation? 

Usually, MROs are associated with heavy maintenance, i.e., 60, 72, 96, 120-month inspections or A, B, C, D checks. Other items could be gear overhaul, modifications (avionics, aerodynamics changes), and component overhaul or repair.  

What does Airshare offer from an MRO perspective that others do not? 

Airshare is an FAA-certified provider of complete jet aircraft maintenance. Our technicians are factory trained and have experience servicing the Phenom 100Phenom 300Challenger 300 and 350, Citation 560 series, and Legacy/Praetor aircraft. We are an Embraer Authorized Service Center for the Phenom 100 and 300 and have experience servicing these aircraft from the beginning of production. Airshare has an extensive fleet of aircraft and an excellent database of any issues encountered since we took delivery of our first Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 in 2009, as well as our managed aircraft fleet. The big difference between any MRO is the skill level and experience of the mechanics working at the facility. Airshare is held to the highest standards of aircraft care and is committed to keeping all aircraft safe and operational.

What are the advantages associated with using Airshare as an MRO? 

People: We have incredible mechanics with extensive knowledge and many years of experience working on our diverse fleet.

Locations: Our maintenance bases are located in areas with a lot of general aviation traffic. We have Buffalo, Dallas/Fort Worth, Kansas City, and Wichita facilities. Most do not have TCA restrictions.

Airshare’s Maintenance team has a reputation for outstanding service. Whether you fly on our fleet or own your own aircraft, our team is dedicated to delivering premium maintenance services to keep your aircraft safe and flying. Call 800.531.6882 to discover how we can accommodate your private jet maintenance needs. 

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Let’s plan your approach

Answer a few quick questions about how you fly, and we’ll tailor a plan perfect for you.